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Kashmir: Pseudo-Legal-military coup detat and ancient doctrine-1

While peeping empirically in the genesis of Kashmir dispute, the consistency in Indian policies is fine-tuned in the state structure under the legal, political and ideological framework of India. It is interesting to analyze the persistent pattern despite the changes of actors in the power grid of Delhi. There is absolute consistency in theory and [...]

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Marketing Positive levers of peace

o gear up the multidimensional efforts in back and forth, in order to put Pakistan in financial action task force (FTPF) gray watch list, in Paris, on 20th. February by USA and her western allies is serious foreign policy buzz though, brunt was deferred till June. It added salt to injury while shook shekels of [...]

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Geography and foreign policy

To bridge the gap between the speculative intellect and the practical intellect demands fresh emphases in Pakistan India relationship with respect to Kashmir in order to blaze the trail. In thrust of the global narrative of war on terror and its spillover effects upon the Pakistan and Kashmir dispute is gray area which boosted to [...]

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Evolution of man and message

 Abstract: The men and message have same chemistry in genesis origin and evolution. Abilities of communication transformed man kind in to superior race. To communicate effectively and meaningfully is mega skill of this superior race which bestows him power to rule others who posses’ communication but lack blends of art and science of communication. To [...]

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Equilibrium, Soft power and alternative diplomacy

The arguments and counter arguments will continue unabated among the realists and idealists about security issues but contemporary situation of world speaks volumes that hard power followed by soft power is an ultimate tool of international relationship which plays shorts. To bridge equilibrium in power is not easily  doable, for every country, keeping the thrust [...]

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An Ugly duckling of pseudo democracy

Putting on a dime an innovative input in the democratic setting of Pakistan, to shape the mindset, demands entirely new antitheses when 62(1) F had packed a wallop in zero sum game, if, legal action is not exercised across the board before coming elections because corruption is stumbling block in development process of third world [...]

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Quranic Verses which influenced me: “In the light of Islam and Modern Science”

Holy Quran is lost revelation and prescription of humanity, and passionate love from Almighty Allah from his lost messenger Profit Mohammad (peace be upon him). Therefore, an ultimate remedy to any and every problem of mankind, however, the loud message to humanity from Quranic verses influenced me most because human and humanity are not confined [...]

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