People of Jammu and Kashmir observed Black Day on 27th October when Indian armed forces occupied the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

An educational conference was held under the aegis of Institute of Dialogue, Development and Diplomatic Studies (IDDDS) in collaboration with Azad Kashmir Private Schools and Colleges Association (APSCA).

Speaking on the occasion, Director IDDDS Dr. Waleed Rasool said that Kashmiri observe 27th October as Black Day when India Occupied Jammu and Kashmir by deploying its armed forces in the State.

He said that India took stance that we will conduct plebiscite but they didn’t fulfill their commitment since 1947, “Nehru brought Kashmir issue to United Nations (UN) but then denied to fulfill UN resolutions on Kashmir” he maintained.

He stated that Muslims despite of being a nation are dispersed in different states through divide and rule concept, many Muslim countries are facing insurgencies due to lack of real leadership.

He said that a soldier in Pakistan Army is being paid 27 thousand per month and gives his red hot blood for the defense of the state, “this is not the money but the spirit for our motherland that our soldiers sacrifice their lives against Hinduvta” Waleed added.

He said that India has positioned more than 8 lacs soldiers in Indian Occupied Kashmir, saying that it is not a myth but we must be cautioned that India is knocking on Neelum and Jehlum valley. “This is the time to unite and proliferate harmony among us” he said.

He reiterated that teachers in a society can develop a better nation as our youngsters are our future who will lead the nation.

Planning Director AFAQ Organization Ameer Zaib said that teachers should work on behavioral approach to develop students’ personality, “clarity of concept in studies is inevitable” he said.

He stated that we must review our teaching style and when a student fails, it is not only the fault of that student but the teacher as well.

Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal President APSCA said that Private Schools in AJK are playing their vital role in educating youngsters.

He said that all private schools expenditures are less public sector schools and despite of paying hefty charges to public sector organizations and boards our organization is focused on qualitative education as compared to quantitative.

After the convention, participants marched from Domail Bridge to Gharipan chowk holding a banner stated Indian forceful Occupation on Jammu and Kashmir.