Muzaffarabad :   International day for Girl child was commemorated in the State capital under the aegis of Institute of Dialogue, Development and Diplomatic Studies (IDDDS) in collaboration with Government Fatima Jinnah Post Graduate College on Friday.

A seminar was addressed by the Director IDDDS Dr. Waleed Rasool after the Assembly session.

During his lecture, Dr. Waleed said that while we are celebrating International day for young girls here in Muzaffarabad, our daughters in Indian Occupied Kashmir are deprived of their basic human rights and are facing brutalities by Indian Occupational forces.

He said that since 1989, more than 95 thousand people have been killed by Indian Armed forces and 22 thousand 910 women widowed during this tenure.

Terming the recent situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), Dr. Waleed said, “Thousands of people are terrorized under lockdown for the last 2 months in IOK, authorities blocked of all kind of communication networks, detention of political leaders, harassment of women, young girls and more than 13 thousand youngsters are under imprisonment.”

He said that 4 young girls have been raped in last month (September 2019) and more than 11 thousand girls have been raped since 1989, “this is what happening to young girls in IOK” he maintained.

He apprised that 10 thousand 298 people including several young girls became victim of pellet gun since 8th July 2016.

He emphasized that we shall follow the footsteps of State because in International Relations, State is the only unit of analysis and we shall not ignore the the huge sacrifices of Pakistan in odd situations of turmoil.

Principal Naila Majid said that we feel pain and agony when our daughters are facing myham by Indian forces while as sane international community has maintained stony silence, “Our daughters in free Kashmir shall play their role by writing, artivism and use of social media which is an important tool to highlight gross human rights violations perpetuated by Indian forces.

She said that UN shall take the notice because the main objective of United Nations was to bring the peace and dilute hostality.

Concluding the seminar, painting of 100 well known world leaders and a book was presented to Principal Fatima Jinnah College Madam Naila Majid. Faculty of college and other representatives of IDDDS were also present on the occasion.